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The Eulogy I Should’ve Given

My Uncle spoke of how my Grandma was fighting for much of her life. Fighting through the 2nd World War in China, and fighting to take care of a family in the US. My first memories of Nai Nai involve her fighting as well. Fighting to do my laundry, fighting to clean my dishes, and fighting to spoil me to the frustration of my parents. Being the first born male in my generation, I received a certain degree of favoritism that my sisters did not benefit from.

All my memories of Nai Nai involve her giving nature. When I still lived in Shanghai and only visited Virginia in the summers, Nai Nai would always be giving me these thin crackers with almond slices in them that I couldn’t get enough of. When my dad peeled my shrimp during dinner by putting them in his mouth and peeling them with his teeth in an unsanitary way that made me not want to eat the shrimp anymore, my grandma was there to give me shrimp peeled the right way. Years later she would start giving us these hard candies that I still enjoy to this day. And as I got older, she would start trying to sneak money into my hand and pockets to fund my unhealthy Pokemon Card addiction. 

Whenever my friends came over, I could always expect her to offer us sweets as we went about our activities and many of my friends also associate my grandma with how she was always trying to give. It is something found too rarely today, someone that can give so much without asking for anything in return and Nai Nai was just that.

There was a time when my sisters and I would shout Nai Nai over and over again when we knew she was around. I am sad to say that I do not remember when that ended. I believe every person dies twice. Once when their heart stops beating and again the last time they are thought of in the mortal world. With these fond memories of my grandma that everyone here possesses, I know that Nai Nai still has a long life ahead of her.